Dina Goldstein

“Goldstein is acclaimed for her many photography projects, especially the evocative Fallen Princesses series. By recreating classic fairy tale settings, Goldstein exposed with wit, irony and satire the fallacious nature of female archetypes within the modern world.”
Roberta Staley, Georgia Straight

Dina Goldstein is a Canadian photographer & pop surrealist, with a background in editorial photography. For her, photography is intended not to produce an esthetic that echoes current beauty standards, but to evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer so as to inspire insight into the human condition.

She has always felt that the experience as a documentary photographer complemented her conceptual work— they inform each other technically and creatively. From Dina’s more candid work, she learned that spontaneity and a lack of control are sources of inspiration. This has inspired trust in her instincts and to nurture the most fleeting of concepts.

Dina’s Fallen Princesses series was born out of deep personal pain, when she raged against the “happily ever after” motif we are spoon fed since childhood. The series created metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, pollution and ocean degradation, war, obesity, the extinction of indigenous cultures, cancer and the fallacy of chasing eternal youth. By embracing the textures and colors created by Walt Disney, which built a multi-billion dollar empire exploiting these fairy tales, The Fallen Princesses project exposes the consumerism that has negated the morality of these ancient parables.

The project was completed and discovered online in 2010. It immediately went ‘viral’.

Since then the Princesses have been recognized for their metaphorical and ironical messages, which transcends cultural borders and have sparked much conversation and accolades from academics, editors and bloggers around the world. The work has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally.

Dina is based in East Van, Vancouver British Columbia, one of the most stunning cities in the world. She lives with her filmmaker husband and her two lovely young daughters Jordan and Zoe. Her studio XX is off the eclectic Commercial Drive neighbourhood, otherwise known as the ‘The Drive’.

Currently Dina continues to produce and realize her own large-scale thematic projects.